You came to this article because you must be perplexed between latex foam and memory foam mattresses. Mattresses are the products that we lie on. Different mattresses are made with different material and have different outer layering. They are the most important furniture piece that has its own base. Foam mattresses are the most dominating mattresses in the market. Your mattress search must have begun with the types of the mattresses. There are endless articles on memory foam mattress and latex foam mattress. You need to read an article that contains all the features about these two mattresses. To begin with, first let us define both the mattresses. What are latex foam mattresses? Latex foam mattresses are naturally made by tapping the rubber tree. They have natural components in them. Memory foam mattresses are from viscous-elastic layer of foam. They are usually man made. Memory foam mattresses relive the pressure points, neck stains, lower back pain and shoulder pain.

Latex foam mattresses are natural mattresses and are most durable than other mattresses. Latex foam mattresses can be naturally made or man made. Best latex foam mattresses are that have higher rubber AAP in it combined with water. Natural Latex foam mattresses are eco friendly and they conform to the body. Originally made in Brazil, these mattresses were identified by British govt. British govt.  Innovated the seedlings and exported it to countries like Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Latex foam mattresses are of three types.

Man made latex foam mattress that are completely made by man using technologies. Organic latex foam mattress- it has natural ingredients in it. Blended latex foam mattress, it is the combination of both natural ingredients and man made ingredients. Memory foam mattresses have more chemicals as compared to latex foam mattress. The most interesting and unique feature of memory foam mattress is that they have the ability to control the blood circulation and conform to the body of the sleeper. Memory foam mattresses are denser than any other mattresses. Memory glam mattresses were originally made by NASA as material used for pilot’s seat. The comfort provide by memory foam mattress is best. People buy them because they are extremely comfortable and support your body. To choose between memory foam and latex foam mattress, you need to know the feature of both deeply. Original latex foam mattresses are very expensive. Memory foam mattresses are every heavy; you will need additional help to transport them to your place. Both memory foam and latex foam mattresses are dust resistant. The initial odor of memory foam mattress is very bad. The edges of memory foam mattresses are very firm. When people start using it they will not think it much heavy. Latex foam mattress has health benefits; it is eco friendly and provides relaxation. Organic memory foam mattress is the best memory foam mattress for the money. It will be worth if you buy a natural memory foam mattress.