Volunteer Communications, Internet & Social Media Policy

Updated 5.3.2022

Summary: The purpose of this policy is to protect the safety of our passengers, volunteers, and staff as well as the reputation of Angel Flight West (AFW).

Policy Outline: We are directly responsible for the care of the passengers and patients we transport, so it is vital that we always represent AFW in a professional and positive light. Once you identify yourself as an Angel Flight West volunteer or supporter, the general public may view you as a representative of AFW. We ask that you please agree to the following guidelines when using forms of internet and social media communication to talk about AFW. If any of the guidelines outlined below are violated, it is grounds for disciplinary and/or legal action including termination as an AFW volunteer.

  • Photos and/or names of passengers and/or patients may only be used in internet communication (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc.) with passenger permission. Posts should include passenger first names only. This policy is meant to protect the passenger and you.
  • Don’t wait until taking a photo to ask for permission—the person may feel pressured to agree when they may otherwise not wish to do so.
  • Consider the privacy of our passengers, including the fact that some may not feel comfortable sharing their medical conditions with the general public or in their communities.
  • Never post photographs of domestic violence survivors, or make any mention of their itinerary, including the relocation city or state. No exceptions. Any public disclosure of this information could put people at risk of harm.
  • The AFW logo is an immediately recognizable symbol and is associated with the official Angel Flight West organization. Under U.S. trademark law, Angel Flight West must take certain steps to protect its use, otherwise it would lose legal protection. Therefore, you must always request and receive permission to use the AFW logo on any printed or digital materials including on social media.
  • You may not alter the AFW logo in any way (changing colors, changing fonts, rearranging elements, etc.) without express written permission from the Executive Director. The style guide for AFW logo and usage can be found at: https://angelflightwest.org/wp-content/uploads/Outreach%20Toolkit/angelflightwest_styleguide.pdf
  • Under no circumstances may the AFW logo or name be used in conjunction with any political campaign or issue, or for lobbyin As a 501c3 organization, AFW is prohibited from political activity. Any use of Angel Flight West’s logo in connection with political activity is not authorized by Angel Flight West and is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of the Angel Flight West logo to fundraise for personal fuel, airplane, or other vehicle costs is prohibited. FAR Part 91 prohibits compensation for fuel or other airplane costs.

Once you have identified yourself as being associated with Angel Flight West in a social networking profile, website, group page, or blog, anything and everything you say, even if you state otherwise, could then be seen by some as a reflection of Angel Flight West. Unless you have been notified otherwise, you are not authorized to officially speak or conduct business on behalf of Angel Flight West (but this does not mean that you are not free to share your own opinions or promote the organization on your own).

When using the Angel Flight West name, however, please be mindful of what you are posting. Does it portray Angel Flight West in a positive light? Does it take a political position? Is this something the organization would want to be posted? When in doubt, please contact the staff and ask for help, or refrain from posting the contemplated content. If Angel Flight West is in the news, or if you are contacted by a media outlet for comment (including questions “on background”), you must refer all such inquiries to the staff and make no public comment or statement. Use your best judgment in posting, and contact the staff if you have any questions.

We ask that you do not identify yourself as being associated with Angel Flight West unless you have agreed to the following:

As a member of Angel Flight West’s community, I agree to be respectful of the organization, its mission, the passengers, volunteer leadership, and its employees in all communications that reference AFW in my profile, blog, or other internet sites and communities. This includes the following:

  • I will not use obscenities, profanity, or vulgar language.
  • I will not engage in harassment or intimidation.
  • I will not post comments that are derogatory with regard to an individual person’s race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political beliefs, personal appearance, or disability.
  • I will not engage in sexually explicit, suggestive, humiliating or demeaning comments.
  • I will not post pictures or discuss behaviors that are prohibited by AFW policy, including but not limited to safety procedures and qualifications, alcohol or drug use, sexual behavior, delinquent behavior, destruction of property harassment, or intimidation.
  • I will not accept minor passengers as “friends” or “contacts” into my private profiles.

In addition to the above:

  • I will not post anything that would represent Angel Flight West in a distasteful way.
  • I will not post anything that would suggest Angel Flight West is associated with or endorses any political candidate, party, or position.
  • In the event of a crisis (incident/accident, allegation, etc.) that involves Angel Flight West, do not comment, share photos or information regarding the crisis on any social media or personal channels of communication without consent of AFW leadership.
  • I will not share internal information about Angel Flight West including staff, donors/donations, affiliations, etc.
  • I can use the “share” feature to share information from Angel Flight West social media channels if I have met the above guidelines.

Contact Information: Once I identify myself as an Angel Flight West volunteer or supporter, I understand that the general public may see me as ambassador or spokesperson for the organization. I understand that is therefore a condition of my involvement that I agree to and adhere to the guidelines outlined above. I understand that if any of the guidelines outlined herein are violated, it may result in disciplinary and/or legal action, including possible termination of volunteer involvement. 

Technology Tip: Consider your Privacy Settings: When using social networking sites, consider utilizing privacy settings. Many have access to your social networking websites and will use these to learn more about you.