Support AFW: Our Donors

With Gratitude

 We may not be able to change the world, but because of YOU, we continue to change lives, one flight at a time.

Your support is vital, as each dollar of your donation allows Angel Flight West to provide $5-$8 in services as we spread hope and health across the Western US.

Thank you our in-kind donors, our volunteer pilots, our airline partners, Facebook supporters, and to so many others who lift us with donations of goods and services.

We could not do this good work without the exceptional support we receive from YOU.

With gratitude,

Angel Flight West Staff, Board of Directors and Passengers

If you have donated to us but do not see your name on this list — or if your name contains an error — please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll correct it.

Diamond Halo

$50K - $1MM

Alaska Airlines
AOPA Foundation
Red Bull
Goodyear Blimp California
Daniel Cheung and Vivian Fung
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
Anaheim Ducks
Georgia Griffiths and Colleen Kendall
Peter & Lorrie Hambling
Dr. Bryan Holland
Monica Kenney
David Kidd
Barbara & Clay Morgan
Ken and Linda Morris
Morris Foundation
Ellen Ochoa
Scott Parazynski
Anonymous Foundation
Garrett Reisman
The Smidt Foundation
Sean D. Tucker

Platinum Halo

$25K - $49K

AirLease Corp.
American Online Giving Foundation, Inc.
Aviation Tax Consultants
Eric and Becky Chadwick
Clay Lacy Foundation
Richard and Shawn Conti
Del E. Webb Foundation
The Dorrance Family Foundation
Stephen Elop
Hans Fuegi
The Green Foundation
Anonymous Foundation
M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust
Marshall & Margherite McComb Foundation
John Plueger
Si Robin Foundation
The Stephen & Mary Birch Foundation, Inc.
UCLA Medical Center
Windermere Foundation
Mark Wittcoff
Anonymous Foundation

Gold Halo

$10K - $24K

Anonymous donor
Apex Foundation
Archer Family Charitable Corporation
William and Pam Ayer
Richard Azarloza
Baxter International, Inc.
Stephen and Joanna Bobko-Hillenaar
Daniel Calugar
Mike Cervi
Anonymous Foundation
Elizabeth Chapple
Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association
Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation
Discount Tire Driven to Care
Mark and Mari Donnelly
Dormie Network
Alison and David Faddis
Frank and Victoria Fertitta Foundation, Ltd.
Arturo and Amy Franz
George S. & Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation
Robert Hagedorn
Howie Hutchinson
Independent Brokers, Inc./Homes 4 You
Bob Knebel
Anonymous donor
Marion Esser Kaufmann Foundation
Marks Family Foundation
McInerny Foundation
Mark Merrill
Trevor Moody and Laura Hernon
The Norcliffe Foundation
Overair, Inc.
Rogolsky Family Foundation
The Rose Hills Foundation
Roundhouse Foundation
Gary L. Sandler
Randy Sherman
Tod Johnson
James and Glenys Slavik
Russel Steingold
The Taking Flight Foundation
Hilby Fund of Arizona Community Foundation
Dennis and Averi Torres
Windermere Foundation
Mark Wolper
The Zemeckis Charitable Foundation

Silver Halo

$5K - $9K

Atherton Family Foundation
Avion Law
Judi Barker
Richard Beattie
Craig and Susan Burger
Charis Fund
Cirrus Industries
Rob & Natalie Corrao
Cutter Aviation
Dassault Falcon Jet
George Deverian
Dorothy L. Hansen Trust
Maddie DuBray
The E.L. Cord Foundation
ECHO of Northrop Grumman
The Edward and Romell Ackley Foundation
Eileen and Fred Schoellkopf Family Foundation
Dane Elefante
Facebook Donors
 Anonymous Donor
George and Margaret Futas
The General Aviation Law Firm, P.C.
Vince Gilligan and Holly Rice
GR’s Foundation
Mark Groden
Erik Gundersen
Bill Hampton
Hartzell Propeller
Paul Henderson
David and Brenda Herrmann
Jessica Holland
Kevin Hutton
Idaho Community Foundation
ISTAT Foundation
Jet Aviation
JETHQ Elevating Lifestyles
Annette Okamura
Kretschmer Foundation
Donald Lewis
Marshall & Mary Brondum Special Assistance Foundation, Inc
John and Heather Morrow
National Business Aviation Association, Inc. (NBAA)
Northern California Business Aviation Association (NorCalBAA)
Ravi Patel
Karen and Rafe Pery
David Petrillo
Keith Plumb
Priority Workforce
The R. Harold Burton Foundation
Anonymous donor
Rob and Cathie Ross
Dirk Sanders
Dallon Schultz
Solairus Aviation
Stater Bros. Charities
Goutham Sukumar
Tate Family Foundation
Three Rivers Foundation
Mark Urata
Todd Walklett
Westcap Corp.
Whitecross Foundation
William H. Hannon Foundation
Keelen Wolper
Woolpert, Inc./Jviation
Zimmerman Family Foundation
Brett Walker

Bronze Halo

$1K - $4K

405 Ads
Kent and Brier Allebrand
Jim Alpiser
Amazon Smiles
American Business Bank (ABB)
Benjamin Anderson
Howard and Lynn Arimoto
Arizona Business Aviation Association (AZBAA)
Clarence Armstrong
Armstrong Consultants
Barbara Ausherman
William Bayne
Thomas Beattie
Cyndi Beaudett
Steven and Jill Beck
Mark Bellio
Donald and Susan Bennett
Elizabeth Bennett
Jason Berry
BigHorn Golf Club
Duke Bishop
Amir Blachman
The Blackbaud Giving Donors
Black Market Sushi and Cocktails
Ernest and Penelope Blake
Gerald Block
Jennifer Bolanis
Malcolm and Karen Bond
Lynn Bondo
Mr. & Mrs. Bow
Steve Boyd
Marjorie Brann
Norm and Peggy Brod
David and Brigid Brookman
Anonymous Donor
Rob and Stella Brunner
Tiiffany Bucher
Robert Butler
California Community Foundation
Anonymous Donor
Kevin Camp
Bruce Carson
Cedar Realty Management, Inc.
Chapple Family Foundation
Rod Chiabai
Richard Christie
Michael Christie
Claude C. and Marilyn Davis Boles
Ross and Laura Comer
Andrew Conti
Daniel and Jennifer Cox
Crane Charitable Funds
Anonymous Foundation
Becky Davis
Caroline Davis
Gary Davis
Emily Deaton
Nana Deeb
Melinda Denton
Desert Jet, LLC
Christy DeYoung
Michael Dezart
Ariana Diaz
Linda Dunham
Lauren Dunnigan
Dusty Wings
Anonymous Donor
The Emanuel Bachmann Foundation
Eugene Downtown Lions Club
Michael Evans
Factory Direct Models
Keith and Laurie Ferrell
Florence and Herbert Memorial Fund
Richard and Barbara Fontaine
Noah Franz
Duane and Sandra Frederiksen
Anonymous Donor
Jeffrey and Kate Garbarino
Jake Garcia
Bette Gardner and Michael Heil
Anonymous Donor
Steven Gex
Nick Gialamas
Chris Giordano
Wendi Gladstone
Stephen Goch
Lou Gonzalez
Leo Granucci
Ivan Gunderson
John Hartwig
Anonymous Donor
David and Keeley Hellberg
Herbert & Gertrude Halverstadt Foundation
Mark Higgins
Hobson/Lucas Family Foundation
Chuck Hohos & Joanne Brattain
John Holden
Homerun Entertainment
Eric Hoogenkamp
Hope Share Care Foundation
Heather Horton
Humboldt Area Foundation
David Huntington and Lisa De Vincent
Erika Ingle
It’s a 10
The Jackson Foundation
The James Patrick Griffith Foundation
Kim Jennett
Jet Center Foundation
Joanne Johnson
Joanna Jonsson
Jeremy Katz
Joseph and Pamela Kellogg
Chrysa Kennedy
Ryan Kenney
Jon Kent
King Schools, Inc.
David Kleine
Leslie Knysh
Eugene Korney
Ina Kort
Jim Kort
Lynn Krogh
Anonymous Donor
Shawn Linch
Michael Lopez-Alegria
Liz Maas
Kevin MacDonald
Anonymous donor
Benjamin and Jessica Marcus
Christopher Matter
Maurice S. Surlow Memorial Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
McCaw Family Foundaton
Anonymous Donor
Gordon McKelvey
Deanna and Rafael Mendez
Ryan Middlemiss
Bruce and Debbie Milliken
MMTM Real Estate
Jeff Moorhouse
Tom Morrissey
Skip Moshner
Daniel Moulton
Mountain America Credit Union
Taskeen Mozaffar
Rachel Murphy
Anand Narayanappa
Matt Nicklin
Mary Noli
Grant Norwitz
Kathy Oberbroeckling
Steve Krekelberg and Kim Okamura
Jeffrey Olson
Josh and Erin Olson
Kristopher Olson
O’Maley Family Foundation
James and Deborah Origliosso
Anonymous donor
Dennis Phelan
Rich and Jane Pickett
Susan Plautz
Pledgeling Foundation donors
Bruce Poulton
David Pound
Kate Proctor
PSG Medical Center Foundation
Neil Punt
Nicole Raje
Lars Rathje
Paul Redmond
Paul and Rhonda Rekieta
DeAnna Repollet
Dan Rickabus – State Farm Insurance
Robert & Eleanor Demple Family Foundation
Seymour Robin
Rombauer Vineyards
Timothy and Doris Ronan
Catherine Ross
Clay Ross
Andrew Rottler
Jase Rouleau
Arline Rubin
Gary Sackett & Toni Mari Sutliff
Michael Samp
Anthony Schwarz
Sheron Charitable Fund
The Sikand Foundation
Anonymous donor
Sotheby’s Cares – Summit Sotheby’s International Realty
Kathleen Starr
Stem Flights
Daniel Stewart
Tom Sylvester
Carlee Szarek
Carson Szarek
Chris Szarek
April Tam
Leslie Taylor
Textron Aviation
Anonymous Donor
Thomas and Mary Kay Gallagher Foundation
Janet Thomas
Anonymous Donor
Turley Wine Cellars
U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
UCLA Health
Alan Underwood
Topher VanMourick
The W A Mueller Foundation
Barry Watkins
Daniel Watts
Fred Weibel/Weibel Vineyards
Dana Weinreich
Brian Weiss
Rickie Welch
Kevin Wells
Doris Westoby
Janet White
Linda Whiting
Anthony and Ronda Wiltse
Philip Winters
Geoffrey and Jill Wood
Warren and Penny Wood
Hadley Workman
Wyoming Community Foundation
Vitaly Yurchenko
Joseph Zammit
Bradley Zarembski
Carlos Zendejas

Copper Halo

$1 - $999

7AM Enfant
ABQ Tours
David Achiro
Kenny and Rene Adams
Anonymous donor
Shannon Adducci
Ellen Agler
Arlene Aho
Shervin Ahooraei
Henriette Alamillo
Sean Albrecq
Kenny Albrecq
David and Cynthia Aldous
Patricia Alder
Anonymous donor
Eliot Alper
The American Gift Fund
Anonymous donor
Andrew Anderson
Tom Anderson
Angel City Brewery
Jay Arauz
Anonymous donor
Mitchell Armstrong
Dominic Arreola
Keith Arrol and Karen Metz
Arthur Murray Dance Studio Santa Monica
Jody Arvidson
Beatrice Ashe
Melissa Atchley
Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc.
AvidXchange, Inc.
Axiom Space
Howard and Rhoda Backer
Michael Bai
Bailey Family
Kevin H. and Jenine Baines
Trevor Bair
Thomas and Monica Balch
Linda Baldwin
Balletto Vineyards
Cheryl Barney
Barbara Bartolome
Maxwell Bartell
Mark Batarina
Edgar Batres
Donald and K. Bauer
Daniel Baum
Be a Good Person
Beaniny Family
Sadie Beck
James Beckstein
Adam Begin
David Beker
Jeff Bellitti
Anonymous donor
Ann Bennett
M. C. Berardi
Eric Berman
Jessica Berman
Carrie Bernard
Brian Bernfeld
Amber Berrios
Deborah Berry
Presley Berry
Vincie and Samuel Bertolino
Anonymous donor
Richard Betancur
Randle Biddle
Charles Bieber
Ray Bieber
James Biermann
Big Sur Adventures
Dustan Bishop
The Bistro K
Robert Black
Nancy Blatnik
Steve Block
Thomas Blumenthal
Anonymous donor
Bondolio Olive Oil
Kristine Bonner
Matt and Kristin Booty
Rebekah Born
Bose Corporation Aviation Group
Anonymous donor
Christopher and Jennifer Boyer
Anonymous donor
Paul Bradford
Timothy Brady
Bobbie Jo Brandli
Debra Brand
Zack Brandt
Dana Braner
Greg Bratcher
Cory Breinholt
Marius Breitenbach
Erin Brender
Ray and Barbara Breslau
Anonymous donor
Bright Funds
Lee and Kathe Brissey
The Broad Museum
Lois Brooks
Patrick Brown
Natalie Brown
Megan Brown
Brucar Locksmith
William Brye
Brett Buchanan
Carolyn Buchta
Anonymous donor
Warren Burch
Tom Burch
Todd Burger
Burgos Family LLC
Kent Burke
Steve Burke
Thomas and Patricia Burke
Beth Burns
Ashley Burrowes
wes burson
Kenneth Butler
Kenneth and Maureen Butler
Donna Byrd
Jesse C.
Chana Campora
Danna Campbell
Christian Campos
John Canchan
Ryan Candelario
Carpinteria Lions Club
Chris Carpenter
Sonny Carson
Meg and Kevin Casey
Edward Cashman
Michael Castro
Anonymous donor
Elaine Cathcart
Alan Cathcart
Richard Cattarello
The Center for the Arts
Tara Cesena
Nancy Chace
Pamela Chan
Channel Islands Lions Club
Charities Aid Foundation of America Donors
Giorgio Weston
Bravo Charlie
Silvia Chavez
Anonymous donor
Georgia and Chris Christopher
John Ciarametaro
Anthony Ciaramitaro
Vince Ciarametaro
Cheri Cimmarrusti
Marcia Citta
Thomas & Cathie Close
Linda and Doug Clough
Denae Coates
Tyler Coats
Bridget Coffey
Len and Marsha Cohen
Anonymous donor
Gregory Coleman
Jim Coleman
Perry Coleman
Devon Coles
Peter Colla
Lawrence Connelly and Connie Obrien-Connelly
Molly Conner
Kathleen Connors
Valorie Connors
Conocco Phillips
Alexandra Conti
Anonymous donor
Bronwyn Cooke
Bridget Cooley
Debbie Copus
Angelo Cosma
Richard Costello
Phillip Council
Brian Counsil
Tiffany Courtnage
John and Kristen Courtney
Kathleen Crawford
Catherine Cray
Crowther Charitable Foundation
Stacy Cuddeback
Anonymous Donor
Lacey Daebel
Anonymous donor
Giuseppe Dal Monte
Kurt Dalton
Marilyn Damato
Seth Daniel
Mary Dankert
Gregory Danz
Peter Danzig & Lava Thomas
Lynnette Darnell
Anonymous donor
Donald Davies
Teri Davis
Anthony De Frenchi
Bodhisattva Debnath
Daniela DeCristo
Chris Delaplane
James and Jane Dell
Anonymous donor
LuAnn DePuy
Designs by IL
Liz DeStaffany
Anthony Destefano
Sean Deverian
Carena Dewis
Laura Diehl
Marianne Diemer
Owen Dill
Patricia Dinner
Beverly Disbrow
Edie Ditmars
Andrew Divers
Paul and Sarah Donahue
Dale Doty
Dan and Jamie Dougherty
Gary and Michele Drska
Julia Duke
Laine Dunham White
Taylor Dunphy
Dennis Duran
Anthony Durazo
Diana C. Durham
Robert Duste
Mackenzie Dutton
Mr. Duve
Blaine Dwyer
Anonymous donor
Gary Dyson
Eagle Vines Golf Club
York Eaton
Tasheena Ebert
Echo45 Advisors
Brian Ehrenberg
Charles Elbert and Karen Berry Elbert
Laura Elefante
Ace Ellinwood
Tarek Elshenawy
Beatrice Enckell Ashe
Robert Enriquez
Judith and Joe Epstein
Pat and Laura Estes
Rick Etzel
Joel F.
Anonymous donor
Chong Fee
Tara Feimster
Jill Felix
James and Wilma Ferguson
Grant Fernando
Mike and Angela Ferraro
Pierre Ferrandi
Anonymous donor
James Filoteo
Firefighters Burn Institute
Spencer Fisher
Paul Fishburn
Kelly Fite
Shane Flanagin
Flying Lady Winery
Megan Foley
John Fontes
Stephan and Shannon Fopeano
Montana Foulke
Olive Fox-Porter
Alaric Fradenburg
Claudia Fragoso
Sue Frank
Irene Franzoia
Daniel Freeland
Charmaine Fuglsby
Reginald Gage
Anonymous donor
Ryan and Lisa Gallagher
Michelle Gardiner
Judith Gardner
John Gardner
Kim Gardner
Brian Garrett
Gabriella Garza
Bruce Gelvin
Brian Gerritz
Oren Geshuri
Vanessa Gibson
Greg Gilbert
Marco Girotti
Giving Basket Donors
Givinga Foundation, Inc.
Anonymous donor
Brian Glodney
Herschel Gloger
Boyd Godfrey
Kathleen Golden
Meredith Goldsmith
Felicia F. Gonzalez
Hector Gonzalez Jr.
Michael Gonzales
Tanya Gonzales
Katie Goodman
Jarrod Goodman
John Goodrich
Gorder Family Foundation
Anonymous donor
Carolyn Graham Orr
Matt Granger
Carole and Jim Grant
Scott Grasso
Roxanna Gray
MJ Hall Family Foundation
Randy Greathouse
Bobbie Greenfield
Ann Greenspun
Valerie Gregory
Michael Griffin
Matthew Griggs
Valeri Grimes
Karen Grimley
Heather Grives
Anonymous donor
Susan Gruber
Alin Gruia
Morgan Guajardo
Mark Guinto
Jeann Gurnee
William Gust
Scott Gustafson
Alexander Gustafson
Jeff H
H3R Aviation
Jason Haddock
Garret Hade
Ibraheem Hafuda
Tacy Hahn
Cheryl Hall
Donna Hall
Don Haloburdo
Brady Halse
Hamburger Family Charitable Trust
Sandra Hamilton
Zack Hamilton
Will Han
Alice Hansen
April Hansen
Lori Hansen
Phyllis Hanson
Anonymous donor
Mike Harder
Sharlene Hardin
Lauren Hardwig
Talin Haritunians
Sydney Harrison
Ralph Hartmann
Anonymous donor
Collin Hayle
Tonya Hays
Carol Healey
Jennifer Heatherly
Stephen Hecht
Stephen Hedemann
Kay Helbling
Heather Henry
Janice Heppe
Felix Hernandez
Jeffrey Herold
Rod Herrick
Anonymous donor
Joey Hickox
Marwan Higgy
Anonymous donor
Steve Hilbert
Garet Hill
Rodney and Karen Hill
Nancy Hinsch
Margaret Hinson
Larry Hinton
Ellen Hipp Smith
Brett Hobbs
Felicia Hocker
Kathy Hodge
Daniel Hodges
Jim Hodges
Paul Hoesterey
Hoffman and Pomerantz, LLP
Chuck Hoffman
James and Lisa Hoffman
Anonymous donor
Eric Holgersen
Hollywood Park
Ed Homecockpit
Patricia Hopper
James Horowitz
Kathy Howe
Jon Howell
Jennifer Hoyt
Holly Hubing
Kathryn Hubing
Anonymous donor
William Huff
Patty Hughes
Travis Hulme
James and Diane Hunter
Edward Hunter
Mary Hunter
The Huntington
Michael Hurley
Marlene Hutchison
IN-N-OUT Burger
Anonymous donor
Benjamin Irving
Craig Jackman
Carolyn Jackson
Gale Jacobs
Laura Bullene Jacobo
Jasmine Jaffe
Scott Jahnke
Raymond James
Warren and Trudy James
Amity Janow
Richard Janser
Vic Jaro
Warren Jewell
Emma Johnston
Kevin Johnson
Kyle Johnson
Paige Johnson
Wendy Johnson
Skip Jones
Steven Jones
John Julian
Kemry and Patrick Junker
Anonymous donor
JustGive Donors
Anonymous donor
Rami Kandah
Parker Kane
Anthony Kaplan
Rich Kapoor
Anonymous donor
Joshua and Tamar Katz
Masanori Kayano
Amber Keen
Troy Keeping
Marna Kellams
John Kellogg
Pamela Kelly
Kyle Kerekffy
Christine Kerner
Colton Ketterer
Kickback Points LLC Donors
Anonymous donor
Dale King
Pamela King
Leslie Kinley
Yusuke Kirimoto
Michael Kish
Robin Kistler
Michael Kittle
Dale and Patricia Klapmeier
Linda Klarin
Cynthia Klayman
Brett Klein
Larry Pollock and Rick Klimpke
Patricia Knight
Barry Knuttila
Cory Kolman
Andrew Komaromi
Andrew Konnecke
Andrea Kovatch
Richard Krizanich
Anonymous donor
Roy Kronenfeld
Judy Kuebler
Kenneth Kuhl
Daniel and Nancy Kula
Martha Kumar
Anonymous donor
Joy La Guardia
Ruth Lacey
Steve Laflin
Marypat LaForest
Barbara Laighton
Anonymous donor
Kimberly Langin
Cole Lanphere
Rhonda Larance
Kelley Larson
Kathryn Last
Michele Latin
Helen LeBlanc
Becky Ledbetter
Robert and Judith Lee
Thomas Lee
Michael Lehne
James and Janet Leonard
Leon and Marlene Leonardo
Ric Lerma
Anonymous donor
Carol Levey
Miriam Leviton
Amy Levy
Kelly Lewis
Ray Libang
Alexis Liggett
Brian Lincoln
Dennis and Valerie Lindsey
Caroline Lion
Rochelle Lira
Chris Little
Craig Lloyd
Susan M Lode
Donna Loeffler
Robert Loesch
Andrew Logar
Jason Lohrenz
Eric Lomberg
Marcus Long
Shawn Longenecker
Los Angeles World Airports
Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm
Anonymous donor
Tressa Lotito
Dennis Lovatto
S. Lovelace
Marva Lundgren
Anonymous donor
Lyman Dust Control Services of Montana
Jason Lynch
Lauren Mackin
Alana Madden
Steve and Cynthia Magidson
Joseph Malconian
Malibu Wine Hikes
Marc Malin
Donny Malinoff
Becky Mancuso-Winding
Anonymous donor
Jessica Marbell
Patricia Marfongelli
Hazel Margaretes
Marion & Howard Katz Family Charitable Fund
Charles and Ruth Marsden
Paul Marshall
Edie Martin
Martin Aviation / Lyon Air Museum
Rob Martin
Eddie Martinez
Lisa Mason
Laura Mason
Kathleen Masser
Courtenay Mathey
Israel Matthews
Carol Maxwell
Beck Mayberry
Douglas and Melinda Mayor
Debra Mayworm
Anonymous donor
Elver McClelland and E. J. Mc Clelland
Ethan McCoy
Paul McDonald
Rose McDonald
Joseph McDougall
Carol McElwain
Kristen McGovert
Craig McIntyre
Kenneth McIntyre
Anonymous donor
Dava and John McNutt
Scott McQuown
Dotian McReynolds
Robin Meadows
Edward Meece
Meesh Boutique
Blake Meister
Carolyn Meltzer
Roman Mendez
Zeny Mendez
Gregory Menton
Anonymous donor
Taylor Messer
Anonymous donor
Robert Meyers
MGM Resorts Foundation
Graham Michael
Jean Michalec
Patricia Michielssen
Gilbert Middlebrooks
Mielke Brothers, LLP
Mary Milgrom
Jason Milius
Scott J. Miller
Wendy Mills
Margaret Misner
James Molina
Katie Molthan
Anonymous donor
Monarch Beach Golf Links
Kevin Moore
Neville Morcom
Michele Morita
Jamie Morris
Roderick Morris
Marissa Mortensen
Paula Mortensen
Eric Mueller
Rodrigo Mulchi
Wayne Munson
James Murdy
Josephine Murphy
Antwuan Murphy
Josephine Murray
Stefana Murray
The Museum of Natural and Cultural History
Claudia Myers and Friends
Napa Valley Wine Train
Lewis Nashner
Zachary Nassar
Anonymous donor
Anonymous donor
Sameer Nene
John and Marci Neustadt
Richard Neville and Diana Jung-Neville
Anonymous donor
The New Childrens Museum
Raymond Nickels
Marty Nislick
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Alex Nodich
Karen Norton
Robert Novasel
Darling Nunez
Margot Nuthmann
Anonymous donor
Geoffrey O’Brian
Alexa O’Dell
Anonymous donor
Sue and Steve O’Leary
Troy Olbricht
Michelle Oliver
Christina Olson
Joe Olson
Kristin Olson
Sanford Olson
John and Billie O’Mack
Paul O’Neil
Anonymous donor
Ed and Sarah O’Reilly
Sarah Orem
Carl Orfuss
Lois and Carl Orfuss
Matthew Orfuss
Marilyn Overman
Anonymous donor
Sara Palmer
Charles H. Pannunzio
Scott Parazynski
Matthew Pardilla
Teresa Parker
Anonymous donor
Courtney Passarella
Mary Beth Passarella
Anonymous donor
Joe Pearson
Anonymous donor
Ashley Penner
Perfect Image
Michelle Perry
Randy and Margaret Perry
Pershing donor
Richard Pearson
Suttida Peters
Julie Peterson
Jim Peterson
Maria Peters
Scott Peterson
Lori Petrie
Mary Phillips
Phoenix Raceway
Warren Pick
Anonymous donor
Pilot Porter
Sarah Pizzaruso
Plane & Pilot Magazine
Bob Piot
Andrew Pomerantz
Anonymous donor
Anonymous donor
Heather Power
Robert Prather
Joshua Proano
Joanna Pruess
Elizabeth Pszenny
Jay Queen
Stephanie Quesada
Alisa Quinn
Kali Quinlivan
Ellen Ramer
Barbara Ranelletti
Edward Ray
Raytheon Technologies Charity Custodial
Colin Reasoner
Anonymous donor
Gail Reed
Jim and Virginia Reidy
Howard Reinhart
Frank Reinmiller
Garrett Reisman
Vincent Renda
John Rendall
David Renner
Benjamin Rexer
Joel Reynolds
John Rhodes
John Ricci
Jonmark Richardson
John and Lynn Ridout
Christopher Rimer
Charlene Riordan
Kristin Roberts
Nicholas Roberts
Emily Roberts
Anonymous donor
Sheila Rockwell
Tom and Beth Rodabaugh
Daniel Roditi
Peter and Kathy Roesler
Chelsea Rogers
Nick Rogers
Richard Rolph
Marcie Roman
Wesley Root
Anonymous donor
Elliot Rosales
Carol Rosenberg
Brandon and Lindsey Rosenthal
Phillip Rosnik
Wyatt Ross
Alex Rote
Jeffrey Roth
Cheryl Rountree
Anonymous donor
Thomas Rubinstein
Anonymous donor
Annie Rumley
Nicholas Rutgers
Bob Ryker
Anonymous donor
Boris Said
James Sailhammer
Anonymous donor
Anonymous donor
Anonymous donor
Henry Sanicola M.D.
Anton SanLuis
Austin SanLuis
Barbara Santoro
Kimberly Sapp
Mike Sargent
Jerry Saros
Anonymous donor
Save Our Heritage Organisation
William Scherer
Stefan Scheumann
Scheyden Precision Eyewear
Mark and Ginger Schoesler
Brent Schoefield
Jon Schretzman
Leigh Schroeder
Juergen Schubert
Peggy Schuerholz
Barbara Schultz
Dani Schuler
Robert Schultz
Anonymous donor
Paul Scurio
Karlie Sears
Anonymous donor
Anonymous donor
Seghesio Family Vineyards
Felipe Serrano
Mark Seward
Anonymous donor
Parth Shah
Josh Shapiro
Ronald and Margaret Shapiro
Anonymous donor
Kay Shearin
Tee Sheffer
Susan and Stephen Sherman
Gilda Sherman
Stephanie Sherman
Eric Shiu
Ta-Lee Shue
David Sierzant
Andrew Sill and Catherine Silll
Becky Simpson
Paul Singer
Skirball Cultural Center
Patricia Skommesa
Anonymous donor
Slant Alpha Adventures
Bobby Slater
Nancy Sliwa
Anonymous donor
Brett Smith
Daniel Smith
Justin Smith
Josha Smith
Martha A. Smith
Stewart Smith
Fred Smyth
James Snarski
Matthew Snelling
Brian Snider
David and Ann Socher
Austin Soliz
Anita Sonquist
Zachary Spear
Paul and Deborah Speer
Kris Spelman
Harlan Spinner
Sporty’s Pilot Shop
Mark Spreeman
Michelle Stadheim
Timothy Stansbury
Grant Stapley Davis
Albert Starzinski
Anonymous donor
Russell Stearns
Wayne Steffen
Ryan Steinhoff
Matt Stephens
Brad Sterling
David Sternberg
Stewart Title Foundation
Anthony and Hella Stieber
StillWater Spirits & Sounds
Anonymous donor
Danny Stoddard
Drew Stone
Jana Stoudemire
Stephen Stout
Aaron Stout
Timothy Strader
Brittany Striegel
Staci Stroeing
Sherri Stroh
Terry Stroxtile
Robert Sturdivant
Niko Suavey
Shaun Sumner
Richard Surprenant
Rock and Suzanne Swanson
Jeffrey Swedo
Anonymous donor
Ryan Swindle
Jillian Swope
Anonymous donor
Beatrice T
Anonymous donor
Gil Takemori
Evelyn Tan
Diana Tapay
Teresa Tatarek-Camp
Mark Tatum
Curt and Christine Taylor
Douglas Taylor
Matthew Taylor
Sarah Teichner
Alex Teodoro
Christine Terry
Terese Tewalt
The Max of Ohio, Inc.
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