Adjustable beds have improved sleep patterns and have made it easier for chronic condition patients to avoid discomfort during their sleep. You can find adjustable beds in single, queen and king size. Single bed users enjoy their comfortable sleep without any problem, but couples use queen and king size adjustable beds. Most of the time, couples don’t find the same bed positions comfortable for their sleep. One person wants to keep the bed flat while the other wants to lift the head side of the bed. Sleeping on an uncomfortable can cause severe damages to your body, and almost 70% of Americas are facing these problems.

Split King Size Mattress:

Split king size mattress is the biggest mattresses that you can put on your bed. These beds contain two identical extra-large beds side by side. Although these beds are significantly bigger than any usual double size bed, they are a perfect solution for those couples who prefer different bed positions without effecting their partners sleep patterns. Another reason for people buying king size mattresses is that they can fit on adjustable bed base pairs.

Adjustable Bed Base:

A bed base is a simple bed frame, but an adjustable bed base is equipped with electric motors that can be elevated on specific angles to increase the comfort and quality of sleep. A split king size bed frame takes this functionality to a whole new level by allowing users to elevate two mattresses independently. These adjustable bed frames have retainer bars that lift and keep the mattresses in place. You can also find some split king adjustable beds that have customizable legs to alter the height. can be the best place to find a best split king adjustable bed.

At first, these beds were introduced in hospitals, old houses and health care centres to provide a comfortable sleep to patients and elders who were suffering from joint pains. With the passage of time, these beds evolved, and people started to bring them to their bedrooms. Nowadays, these beds have become a luxury product with highly flexible controls. Either you can control them through on-frame buttons or wireless remote controls. Buying an adjustable bed base from a good mattress company provides you with a free mattress replace service.

Health Benefits:

Most significant features of split king adjustable beds are medical assistances. Ranging from spinal pressure reduction to acid reflux reduction, these beds provide all kind of health benefits.

  • Zero Gravity: Split kind adjustable beds allow you to elevate both legs and head at the same time that minimizes the neck pressure and helps to avoid joint pains during sleep.
  • Anti-Snore Properties: These beds are a great help for those people who experience snoring problems. Most of the times, this problem occurs when we sleep on flatbeds. Lifting the head of the bed keeps the airways open and brings the snoring problem to an end.

Other Special Features:

Some premium quality split king adjustable beds come with a few extra bells and whistles that might not affect your sleep quality directly but can be of great use. A feature like Massager, USB ports and soothing lighting are the most noticeable extra features.